Text Messaging for Eloqua

Text messages for your Eloqua Campaigns

In This Guide

  • How to use SMS Text Messaging for Eloqua
  • URL shortener for personal tracked links

Text Messaging for Eloqua

Send SMS text messages from your Eloqua campaigns.

Here's how it works:

To start, you place our SMS/Text Messaging action onto your Campaign Canvas.

Then simply right-click then click 'configure' to set the message.


This is the content of your text message.

You can insert field-merges into this message. Just select any contact field from the 'Insert Field Merge' dropdown.

Personalized + Shortened URLs

You can use the 'Insert LP Link URL' field above the message area to automatically generate a short URL


We will generate a tracking URL which is unique to that contact. This lets us track opens, and it also lets you personalize the landing-page.

This URL is sent via. a URL shortener so it is ultra-short and so that the tracked link is less obvious.


Once you have customized your message, click 'Test' on the right hand side.

This will send a message to every contact on your 'test contacts' list. (Add or remove test contacts with the '+' and '-' icons: