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Easily add new, custom features to Eloqua

Easily connect Eloqua to any API.

Instantly integrate with all your tools: from your own internal systems to third-party services.

Multi-Channel Marketing

Are you still only using Eloqua for email?

Get your message heard. Target your campaigns across 5 new channels!

We Love Hard Problems!

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Our tools make almost any problem solvable. From ROI calculations to data enhancement. Just ask!

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How it Works

A set of amazing new tools

We give you "programmable" campaign/program steps.

Add new features with a few lines of JavaScript, or simply let us do it for you.

Our pre-made templates make this even easier. Just choose a template (e.g. our API integration template), and modify a couple of lines.

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Multi-Channel Marketing

Your message, everywhere!

Eloqua can be so much more than an email tool.

We have added 5 new channels which you can use in your Eloqua campaigns.

The best part? Our 5 Channel Smart Start makes these SO simple to use. We do the setup AND train your team -- all in one package.