Instant Extensions for Oracle Eloqua

Build custom Eloqua features in MINUTES.
+ Add these 6 new channels to your campaigns:

Send real letters & postcards from Eloqua

Direct mail. Personalised, printed, and posted.

Get your message heard

Send push notifications, direct to your contact's screen

Text messages from Eloqua

SMS text-messaging, with extra personalisation.

Facebook & Instagram targeting

Target specific contacts with specific adverts, on Facebook & Instagram

Google & YouTube targeting

Target specific adverts to specific contacts, on Google & YouTube

Automate LinkedIn Messages

Queue-up personalised, targeted LinkedIn messages for your salespeople.


Custom features in MINUTES, instead of MONTHS

All our campaign channels (above) are pre-built and ready to use.
...But we also make it absurdly simple to add new, custom features.

Absurdly simple.

Add custom features in minutes. (Or just get us to do it for you.)

Place it.

Place our action on your Eloqua campaign or program.

Code it.

A code-editor appears. Change a couple of lines of JavaScript.

Test it.

Check it works with our powerful test tool.

Use it.

Use and easily re-use your new features!


Built for you, or DIY?

When you need a custom feature, you have options:

  • Our tools make it so fast to build new features - we can simply build them for you.
  • Or if your team already has JavaScript skills, we can help with training & support.

Either way, you're getting more than just an incredible tool.

You're getting everything you need.


How it works

These 4 tools make it possible. Click one to play a 60 sec demo:

Custom Action

Do anything from a campaign

Custom Decision

Decide anything your campaign needs

Custom Audience

Import any audience on demand

Custom Content

Insert anything into your emails.


Integrate Oracle Eloqua with anything

Connect all your internal & external marketing tools.

Build a "do anything" marketing platform with our tools (and team)!


Watch this video

3 minute overview. Click to play:


Examples: Get perfect data

The examples on the right are all to do with data.

Our tools make it very easy to append & update new data.

You no longer have to rely on pre-made "integrations". You can use any data-source: from third-party tools, to internal systems.

2 Lines of Code?

These examples were created by modifying just 2 lines of code from the pre-made templates.

This means you really can implement things like this extremely easily... whenever you want. (Or we can do it for you).

cloud_done A.I Industry Classifier

This example uses A.I to classify contacts by industry - using nothing but an email address!

wb_sunny Weather

This example looks up the current weather in the contact's city.

device_unknown Technology Lookup

This example looks up the technologies used by a company, and how much they are spending on technology categories.

perm_identity Enrich Contact Data

Several examples use external services to update + append contact data. This can include things like social-data, email validity, and more.

attach_money Marketing ROI Analysis

Several examples connect to data to analyze marketing ROI per channel and campaign.

extension 6 new campaign channels

We used our own tools!
All 6 of our new campaign channels started as Custom Actions

swap_horiz Synch update

When data changes, synch the update to any other tool you use.

shuffle Run split tests

This example creates simple random splits, to make split-testing easier.

gradient Generate QR Codes/BarCodes

This example shows how to add custom images, e.g. barcodes and QR codes, to your emails.

format_list_numbered Itemized invoice

This example shows how to automatically generate complicated, data-driven HTML for your emails. Without even importing the data into Eloqua.

Examples: Make something happen

The examples in this section all do something custom.

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